A Client’s Perspective

Here from one of Mike’s clients about their experiences with him as their counselor.

Q: Does Mike offer mental exercises and practice/tools to us at home?

A: He always has practical application stuff they he can recommend if you’re looking for “outside ” of session stuff to work on. I don’t recall that he has really assigned much, but if we’re working on a particular issue he might recommend some additional thinking in a particular area. I’m all about the practical application kinda stuff, so I ask those questions a lot in our sessions.

Q: Does Mike recommend lots of books?

A: Back in the beginning, Mike gave me a list of books that he “Recommends” with regards to different topics. Now and then when he’s excited about a particular read, he might recommend it. Honestly, I’ve not read most of the books he’s recommended. Not because they weren’t helpful. I’m just not much of a reader. If there is something particularly important he wants to drive home sometimes he’ll make a photo copy of a passage/chapter or something like that.

Q: Do you feel comfortable sharing with Mike?

A: I feel incredibly comfortable with Mike. It took a few sessions for us to get a good feel for how we would interact with each other, but after that it has been great. He knows as much about me as my family/best friends know. Who knows, he might even know more! He’s very conversational. He also knows a great balance between when to share from his own experience and when to just listen. I’ve never once thought he was judging me. He is respectful of views that are different than his, and doesn’t try to force you to think the way he does. He views himself more as a broker who helps you make sense of all the different pieces of information you have about yourself, not as the person who is supposed to put you together.

Q: Do Mike's recommendations help push you towards progress?

A: Yes, I definitely feel like the things we talk about are helpful. The thing I’ve enjoyed the most if having someone trained to help me make sense of all the stuff going on in my mind. I’m not always the most motivated person, so Mike is helpful at getting me moving when I get stuck on a particular part of life. At the same time, he isn’t overbearing or forceful. Essentially, Mike is friendly, knowledgeable, and really comfortable. He doesn’t push his own agenda and he empowers me to take control of my own counseling process.