Where is your office located?

I am in the Chesapeake Business Centre/Westgate Commons 1616 Westgate Circle in Cool Springs/Brentwood, Tennessee, which is just south of Nashville on I-65. See the map for specific directions to my office location.

When do you set appointments?

I am in my office 9 AM to 6 PM Monday through Thursday each week. I do not set appointments in the evening or weekends. To accommodate clients interested in intensives (multiple-hour sessions), I do set Friday intensives.

Are you a Christian therapist?

I have been in church all of my life, have a seminary degree and was in para-church ministry for 20 years…none of which says anything about the essence of my spiritual life. In the midst of all this Christian activity, I have come to cherish my relationship with God for the most part, in spite of all the external expressions. My relationship with God is vital, central and the source of life for me and although I see spirituality in every man or women I meet, I do not impose my belief. Spiritual understanding and relationship with God is primarily “caught” rather than “taught” anyway. I will challenge clients to not dismiss the spiritual aspect of their lives. It is the source of much healing and all peace.

What are your fees?

Individual sessions are $135 per 50 minutes session. Couple sessions are $150 per 50 minutes sessions. I highly recommend couples doing two ‘hour’ sessions every two weeks rather than one ‘hour’ session weekly.

What forms of payment are acceptable?

Check or cash.

You are known as somewhat of an expert in the field of same sex attraction, what are your views on the issue?

A portion of my caseload for over 25 years has been individuals (primarily male) who identify as gay or ‘same-sex attracted’, well over 3000 single and married men. Most come to gain a deeper sense of confidence in who they are as well as to deal with relationship issues—family, friends and/or partners. I’ve learned that all men do not arrive at a homosexual orientation the same way. They are as diversified as their straight counterparts. Developmentally homosexuality is a multifaceted issue. Family dynamics, personality, social and emotional growth, early sexual experiences (including abuse or molestation), potential genetic and /or hormonal influences, moral teaching, the social climate as well as personal choice all stand to influence a person’s sexual preference. Other than becoming straight, a great deal of growth can be achieved with self concept and esteem, relationship healthiness, dealing with compulsive or addictive habits that may have developed or working through a history of trauma/abuse.

The therapeutic goal is never to free a man of all aspects of this orientation (although there are still those out there who are proponents of such misdirected efforts.) A goal is to help all men make responsible, healthy decisions within their own framework of morality, family and societal constructs. It is an extremely complicated issue and individuals with this orientation can be easily dismissed by others on the basis of very ‘black and white” thinking. When a person chooses to walk for a season with another who is gay much of the previous ignorance can be dispelled. This issue often pulls others from their comfort zones many times challenging their own ethics. I have counseled many parents, spouses and other family members and watched their understanding and empathy grow over the months and years–although not necessarily shifting what they believe morally.

How do I go about setting an appointment?

Call my office at 615-376-6411 or email me at michaelmalloy@comcast.net and leave a message.  I will get back to you as quickly as I possibly can.

Do you do counseling over the phone?

If you are considerable distance from Nashville, I do counseling via the telephone. It is always best if we’ve had the opportunity to meet first in person for an initial session or intensive and then utilize the telephone for sessions.

If I have questions about something mentioned on the website, how do I ask those?

Call my office at 615-376-6411 or email me at michaelmalloy@comcast.net and leave your message.

Are you the same Michael Malloy that directed the Christian Counseling Services for 20 years?

Yes, one in the same. I was Director of Social Services for two years and Executive Director for eighteen.