I have closed my physical office as of May 1, 2020 and will be retiring February 2021.  As a result I am not taking new clients but will see current or previous clients by phone, FaceTime or Zoom.

Michael Malloy, LCSW, ACSW

In the coming months I will be converting this website to a blog with all the writings I have done over the years.  If you’re interested in following the blog, get a message to me however.  

michaeldmalloy@icloud.com or via FB

Harold Ivan Smith
Harold Ivan Smith Author/Speaker
“Michael Malloy, in my judgment, represents the gold-standard in compassionate caring professional counseling. He is well-trained, well-read, and well-practiced. He makes space in his heart for his clients. His listening skills are extraordinary. He makes his office mekom hanekhama–a safe place. I can refer individuals to him in great confidence.”



physician Williamson Co.
Not all counselors are the same. Some are judgmental and directive while others simply sit back, listen and take your money with you leaving confused and not sure if you want to go back. Not Michael Malloy. He meets you where you’re at. Attempting to gently guide you to a healthier more spiritual life. The transformation you experience with Mike in thinking and behavior is subtle, but effective and makes you more mindful of who you are and what your role is in ‘the game of life.’ Letting go of your ego is hard work, but rewarding and this is the guy that can help you do it.


“…and then the day came when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk to blossom.” Anais nin
It’s safe to say I would not be the person I am today without the care and counsel of Mike Malloy. His countenance immediately allows you to feel comforted and heard. Mike has helped me work through some of the greatest issues in my life and talking with him somehow makes the hard times feel less difficult. I trust his wisdom and expertise entirely and consider my work with him a great fortune. 
A breath of fresh air, an answer to prayer, a gift from God and a huge blessing in my life. I have been meeting with Mike for almost two years now and he has helped me through my life’s greatest disappointment and now begin a journey of new life and the discovery of my true self. As I am finding out, everything belongs in our world. Everything has a place in making us who we are. Mike has helped me remember to believe and trust in a God that is greater than any problem we will experience here on earth. We should focus on the positives, the blessings, the present, strive to always be a student learning and never forget to laugh and find joy in every day! Mike has touched the lives of many, and I am so thankful he has touched mine!